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School District of Tomahawk

Tomahawk Middle School band playing
Elementary students outside school building
Tomahawk Middle School teacher laughing with students
Tomahawk High School student welding
Elementary girls running


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Announcements & News

  • School Safety Round Table Discussions

    School District of Tomahawk District Administrator, Terry Reynolds will be hosting three school safety round table discussion meetings which parents and community members are invited to attend.   Reynolds will provide information on safety...Read More

  • School Buses

    Early Release

    A reminder to parents that on Wednesday, April 4, students will be released early from school at 1:00 p.m. for additional teacher professional and curriculum development activities. Read More

  • Pic of  Current School Board

    School Board Elections

    There will be a total of three City of Tomahawk positions on the School Board up for election on April 3, 2018. Two three year positions and a one year position Cathy Schmit (current Board member) and Deb Velleux filed election papers by the...Read More

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